3.0 version of svg optimiser (2017.03.25) is available for free on GitHub

Kia optimizer is an open source SVG optimizer.

The tool is a powerful tool for SVG layout and rendering, but it has some issues.

Kia says that it’s working on a new version of the tool, but has not specified what those are.

KIA has previously made a number of open source tools available to developers, but this is the first time it’s made them free.

The SVG optimizer currently supports the SVG 2.1 format, which includes SVG 2 fonts, and has a number other features.

It can also render SVG data in multiple ways, including in an SVG editor.

In its current version, the tool supports SVG images as well as text, text with shapes, and a lot more.

The latest version is available on GitHub, and you can find the latest version on the download page.

Download and install the latest free version of SVG optimiser.

2.0.0 release 2.x versions are available for download and install now Download and extract the SVG2.0 package into a folder on your system.

Kias download page links to a download page that lists the latest versions of the SVGs.

If you’re using Windows or Mac OS X, Kias is now also available for Linux.

The release notes for this release note the release is a bug fix release, but no patch notes have been released yet.

We’re working to get those.

In addition to fixing the bug fix issue, the latest SVG release includes several bug fixes and improvements, including an improved SVG editor, a new SVG viewer, and support for SVG elements with a width and height of less than 100px.

It also now supports the HTML5 standard for SVG data and graphics, which was released in July 2017.

KIAS 2.3.2 is also available in a new SVG 2.2 package, which is available in the downloads section.

Kiamas SVGs are now available in both SVG and HTML5 formats, and it’s a welcome change.

SVGs should be able to be read and edited by most modern browsers, but HTML5’s markup has been slow to take advantage of it.

With SVGs now being able to take full advantage of HTML5 features, we expect the web to become even more efficient.

Kia optimizer is an open source SVG optimizer.The tool is a powerful tool for SVG layout and rendering, but it…

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