When you use your smartphone more than you do your phone

A new theory claims that a smartphone that is used more than it should will have more arousal and thus be more likely to be infected with a virus. 

The theory is based on the idea that the brain’s electrical activity is affected by a smartphone’s activity and that when the smartphone is used for longer than it is used, the brain produces less energy. 

When a smartphone is switched on for long periods of time, it is thought, it will produce a surge in electrical activity that may be detrimental to health.

The theory also states that when people use smartphones for more than they should, they may have an increased chance of contracting viruses. 

If the theory is proven, the implications are significant, because smartphones are used on an increasing number of devices, and it would mean that smartphones can be infected by viruses more quickly than other devices. 

According to a report from the Australian National University, more than 90 per cent of smartphones were infected by the influenza virus in Australia in 2015.

The study said the research showed that smartphones are likely to infect people more often than other types of devices.

“The more often we use a smartphone, the more likely we are to become infected with influenza viruses,” said the lead author, Dr. Peter Hausman from the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide.

“A lot of smartphones are being used on people’s daily lives.

We believe that this is the reason for the increase in the number of viruses that are found on smartphones.”

According to the study, the main cause of smartphone infection is the smartphone’s proximity to people.

“It’s like an invisible wall,” said Dr. Hausmann.

“When people walk around with a smartphone it creates a barrier between them and the environment.

If you’re walking with your phone in your pocket, you’re a little bit more vulnerable.”

The research suggests that this barrier can be increased by moving a smartphone from one room to another, or by having more than one smartphone in a household.

“There is a way to do this without causing a big physical change, and that’s to just make a phone that’s more mobile-friendly,” said Hausmen.

“We have a number of phones that are extremely mobile-responsive.

They have the ability to be moved around the room, they can be taken out of a bag, they have an infrared sensor in them that can measure the distance between them.””

It would be a huge simplification if you just had one phone, but we think there are ways to make phones more mobile by changing the way they’re used.”

The study has been published in the journal Infectious Diseases Research.

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A new theory claims that a smartphone that is used more than it should will have more arousal and thus…

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