How to Optimize DraftKings Optimizer

Optimizing DraftKings optimizer is simple and quick, but it’s not perfect.

We’ve got tips for getting the most out of it.

Read More to optimize your draftKings account.

We’ve created a handy guide for optimizing the optimizer.

Here’s how to get the most from it, and how to improve it for your own account.

Read more:Optimizing Draft Kings Optimizer Optimize DraftKings optimization is a key part of how you can optimize your DraftKings account to maximize value.

We’ve put together a handy article with tips for improving your Draft Kings account, and also links to more articles on optimizing your account.1.

Select the “Advanced” tab, then click the “View DraftKings” button.2.

Click on the “Account Settings” link, and scroll down to the “Optimize Optimizer” tab.3.

Under “Advanced Optimization” you should see a link that says “Create custom account settings” in the upper right corner.

Under the “Custom Account Settings” section, click “Custom account settings”.4.

Click “Create account” under “Custom settings”.5.

Click the “Sign In” button, and you should now see your DraftKing account settings.

If you want to reset the account, select “Reset Account” from the dropdown menu.


Under the “Settings” section you can choose to view your Drafts history, and if you don’t have a history of your account, you can set it to auto-update.

You can also choose to enable/disable auto-updates for the DraftKings app.7.

Under your “Accounts” section click on “My Accounts” and then “View Account Settings”.8.

Scroll down to “DraftKings Optimization Settings”.

Click “View Optimization Optimization”.9.

Under Custom Optimization, click the arrow next to “Custom Settings” and click “Settings”.10.

Under Settings, click on the checkbox next to the check box next to Auto-Updates.

If you don the “Auto-Update” option, you won’t see the auto-updated information.

You’ll need to create a new account for this to work.


Now, go to the Draft Kings app.12.

Tap on the Drafts icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.13.

Tap “Account Info”.14.

Enter the email address for your account that you created earlier.


Tap OK.16.

When you’re done, you’ll see the account settings in the “Drafts” tab of the app.


Click a checkbox to confirm that you want “Auto Update” enabled.18.

If you’re having trouble setting the Auto-Update option up, you should also tap “Restore” in Settings, then “Auto update”.


You should now be able to view the data from your DraftS accounts.


Once you’ve set the settings for the app to automatically update, tap “Done” in settings.

Optimizing DraftKings optimizer is simple and quick, but it’s not perfect.We’ve got tips for getting the most out of it.Read…

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