Canada is poised to announce the first greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030

The federal government is poised this week to announce new greenhouse gas reductions targets for 2028, but the first targets will likely be too low.

The Liberals say they’ll deliver a target of 32 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

But a review commissioned by the environment minister and released Wednesday by the auditor general says the government’s targets are overly ambitious.

The auditor’s office said it will likely deliver a lower target, of 20 per cent less, in the coming years.

“This review finds that Canada has a low baseline in greenhouse gas emissions that is being exceeded by emissions from the transportation sector and a lack of investment in the clean energy sector,” auditor general Michael Ferguson wrote.

The auditor also found the government has not been fully transparent about the targets and how they are being met.

“The lack of transparency is disappointing given the importance of this information to Canadians to fully understand the federal government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas pollution,” he said.

Ferguson also said the federal Liberals are moving too slowly in making its target of reducing emissions to 2020 and 2030.

“They have not yet announced how the government will reduce its greenhouse gas emission targets by 2020,” he wrote.

Fiscal restraint, which is being discussed, has been criticized by environmentalists and climate experts, but Ferguson says it is important to get some sense of how long it will take the government to meet the targets.

“What we need is an accounting of the timeline to ensure we are reducing greenhouse gas levels in the most efficient way possible,” he told CBC News.

He said the government is not proposing a one-size-fits-all approach to reducing greenhouse gases.

The Conservatives, who have been criticized for their handling of the emissions scandal, have also come under fire for not making any greenhouse gas targets public, but a senior member of their caucus said Wednesday they have been meeting the targets, even though they may not meet them in the first year.

“We are making progress.

We are not out of the woods yet,” said Conservative MP and climate change expert Brad Trost.”

There are still many ways to go, but we are moving in the right direction.

And we’re confident that the Liberals and the NDP are going to make good on that commitment.”

The government has said it has committed $2.4 billion over four years to help cities and regions adapt to the changing climate, including through new transit projects, better weather forecasting, increased electricity generation and more green infrastructure.

“For years, the Canadian government has been slow to adopt new technologies and clean energy,” Ferguson wrote, adding that it has also been slow in creating jobs.

“These investments will enable more Canadians to live, work and raise families on a cleaner and greener planet.”

The federal government is poised this week to announce new greenhouse gas reductions targets for 2028, but the first targets…

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