Which Kia Optima model is the best?

If you are planning to buy a new Kia car and you are not ready to spend thousands of pounds on a brand new one, you could consider the Kia Optima.

This is the first of two cars that Kia will be offering this year.

It is a luxury compact hatchback that costs £34,999.99, but offers the most space and features of any Kia model, including a fully reclined floor and rear seat.

The Optima’s body style is also a bit more sporty, although it doesn’t quite match the sporty styling of the Optima Plus.

In fact, the Optimas design is quite utilitarian, so its not entirely surprising that it is a less-expensive option than the Optimus.

It also offers more power and performance, as well as being cheaper.

The Kia optimas biggest selling point is its price, which has fallen by £10,000 from the Optimal.

In comparison, the Kias new Optima is priced at £35,000.

Kia also says that the Optimo is the most fuel efficient car in the world, so it will also be getting a turbocharged version, too. 

The Kia is a bit of a hybrid, with its electric powertrain powering the rear wheels.

It has two electric motors in each wheel, and two electric-only wheels in the front.

The batteries for both motors run off of a single charge, and the car can go as far as 250km on a single battery charge.

The first Kia vehicle will come with a three-speed automatic, but the company is also offering a five-speed manual, which is also expected to be introduced.

There is also the option of a petrol-electric hybrid option, but Kia has yet to reveal details.

The new Kias powertrain also has some serious performance and fuel economy benefits, so Kia says it is going to offer some serious fuel economy improvements, as part of its performance package.

The engine is expected to get an upgrade to a turbocharger, which will give it up to 607km/h.

This will allow the car to travel at a top speed of 180km/hr (124mph).

The new car will have a maximum torque of 905Nm (3,200lb-ft), and the electric motor will get an upgraded version.

Kias current petrol-powered Kias also comes with a five wheel drive system.

The Optima will be launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, and Kia expects it to be a huge success.

Kios new car is expected in the UK in early 2019.

KIAS is a joint venture between Kia Motors, a German automaker, and Nissan Motor.

It will be powered by a new version of the new Kiosi petrol engine that is expected later this year, and it will feature a new body style and a new interior, among other things.

If you are planning to buy a new Kia car and you are not ready to spend thousands of pounds…

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