Kia Optima Sx is a new Kia optimizer for Windows 7

Kia has just launched a new version of its Optimizer app for Windows.

The company has launched the Optima for Windows app for both Android and Windows Phone to address some of the issues in the previous version of the app.

The Optima is a standalone optimizer that does not require a Microsoft account.

The new version is now available for download from the Windows Store.

The Optima can be used to perform a variety of tasks including:• Identifying the right application to install.• Identify installed applications that have errors or that you need to remove or re-add.• Assigning a correct icon for each application.• Checking whether the right Windows version is installed.• Ensuring that a file is present in the correct location on the system.• Monitoring for applications that are being used.

The new Optima will also allow you to search for files and folders by keyword and by their file extensions.

Kia says the Optimas search capabilities will help you find any file or folder on your PC.

To download the Optimal app, you will need to have a Microsoft Account.

Kias main Windows Store page says that users will be able to install the app from the same app store as other Kia apps.

The app can be installed for free.

The company is not releasing any screenshots of the new Optimal for Windows, but it is possible to download the new version for free from its app store.

Kies official page says the new app can only be installed via the Windows Start Menu.

Kis official page does not say how to install Optimal, or how to uninstall it.

Kia Optimal Sx for Windows will be available on February 14.

Kia has just launched a new version of its Optimizer app for Windows.The company has launched the Optima for Windows…

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