Trump signs law protecting Planned Parenthood’s abortion services

President Donald Trump signed a bill Thursday to protect Planned Parenthood from being defunded by the federal government, a move that comes as the president continues to push for a new healthcare law.

The measure is intended to protect clinics and providers from the threat of government defunding.

But it comes at a time when the GOP-controlled Congress has begun to pursue other measures aimed at rolling back reproductive rights.

It would also allow states to enact their own restrictions on abortion services.

The legislation is a major victory for pro-life groups that have long opposed federal funding for abortion, which they say contributes to the high death tolls among women.

Trump has vowed to sign the bill into law if Democrats control the House and Senate.

It also comes as he seeks to advance his health care agenda, including his administration’s push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

But Democrats and pro-choice groups have been pushing the bill to block the funds from being transferred to Planned Parenthood.

The bill does not address the issue of abortion itself, but the funding is used to pay for some abortions.

It would also restrict the ability of Planned Parenthood to receive federal funds to provide birth control and to expand abortion coverage in the healthcare marketplace, the organization’s president, Cecile Richards, said in a statement.

It is unclear how much money Planned Parenthood receives for the abortions it performs.

Richards told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour last month that she does not know the exact number of abortions performed each year.

Abortion rights advocates have long pushed for more than a ban on federal funds, saying it could trigger the defunding of the group.

The group has fought such attempts for years.

Earlier this year, it filed suit in federal court to prevent Trump from defunding Planned Parenthood, claiming the money could be diverted to other health care providers.

The Justice Department declined to defend the case, and the case was settled.

President Donald Trump signed a bill Thursday to protect Planned Parenthood from being defunded by the federal government, a move…

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