When it comes to file sharing, Google is the best-known player

The cloud computing service Google offers a variety of cloud services, including storage, email, video, photos and music.

But a new service, Google Drive, is making the service the most popular on the Web by far, according to a survey of more than 1,000 Internet users conducted by The Associated Press.

Google Drive is used by more than 40 percent of all U.S. Internet users.

Google has also been one of the most active users of the open Web.

“Google Drive is the most widely used open-source file-sharing platform on the Internet,” said Justin Dolan, the AP’s file-sharer and editor-in-chief.

“With more than 3 billion monthly users and counting, Google drives the file-storage economy.”

Google Drive’s popularity grew even as it suffered a series of setbacks, most notably when it launched an effort to remove links to the company’s controversial anti-piracy program in December 2010.

After the company stopped enforcing the program, the links to Google Drive were removed.

Google’s drive also suffered a number of other setbacks, including a lawsuit filed by the Recording Industry Association of America, which argued that it infringed on the company and the company was being “harassed and bullied” by the lawsuit.

In December, a federal judge dismissed that lawsuit, but the court’s decision is now under appeal.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the poll, the majority of Internet users said they’d use Google Drive to share files and documents with others, while the percentage who said they wouldn’t use the service was higher.

Google also ranked among the top five file-hosting services in terms of ease of use, speed and security.

Google says it provides the most secure and reliable access to data.

Google and other file-slinging services can be used to share documents, files, photos, video and music across devices, including phones, tablets and computers.

Google is not required to share user information with Google Drive users.

But users of other file sharing services are subject to a separate privacy policy.

Google doesn’t require users to pay for its services.

Instead, Google charges for storage space on the servers of its own storage and storage provider, Google Cloud Storage.

Google said it has more than 100 million active users.

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The cloud computing service Google offers a variety of cloud services, including storage, email, video, photos and music.But a new…

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