When it comes to the biggest health risks, health insurers are getting it wrong

Optima, the health insurance company that has come to dominate the health care market, is the poster child for what happens when health insurers think health care is a commodity and they are not going to pay for it.

Optima CEO and founder David Fauci has admitted that when he first launched his company he was naive.

He thought it would be easy to get a deal done with the federal government.

And, he said, that’s how he got the federal funding for the company.

But now, in 2017, it seems that he has gotten his way.

Optim is offering a health insurance plan that includes coverage for preventive services, cancer screenings, and mental health and other care, as well as dental care, dental implants, and an emergency room.

But, Optima said it has to charge more than other insurers.

Optimal’s plan has no co-pay, but the Kaiser Family Foundation, a health care policy think tank, estimated that for a family of four paying $1,700 a year, the premium would be $4,854.

That would be more than double the cost of the cheapest insurance plan in the United States.

Optimus is not the only health insurance to have been accused of gouging consumers with its health care plan.

Anthem, for example, has been sued in court for not paying Medicare for its coverage of seniors who have chronic conditions.

And now, Optimal has gotten a taste of the kind of trouble that could come with such a plan.

The New York Times reported last week that Optima was paying out more than $7 million to people with preexisting conditions in 2018.

And that’s just a start.

Health insurance companies are making plans like Optima’s seem like a good idea, but when the real costs of those plans come into play, it’s not as clear-cut.

The health insurance companies that Optimal is competing with, and other health insurers that have come under scrutiny for their pricing practices, are not alone in gouging their customers.

A Kaiser Family Study last year found that for most people covered under private insurance, the cost to the government was about $5,600 in the year after they received a policy.

But when it comes time to compare plans, that number is much higher.

The Times found that in 2018, the average deductible for a policy for people in their 30s was $9,500.

And that means the government paid $11,000 in premiums for that policy, including more than half a million dollars for health care providers.

That’s because the deductibles on these plans are higher than the premiums that most people pay for insurance on the private market, which means people pay more out of pocket than they would if they were paying for the same coverage with a co-payment.

And those higher deductibles result in lower out-of-pocket payments for people, who in turn, can get sicker and have more expensive care.

Obamacare, which created the Medicare prescription drug program, created the risk that the government would not pay for these plans.

And the Affordable Care Act has made it clear that the deductibility requirements for private insurance must be lower than for public insurance, but that the costs of these plans can be higher.

The problem is that when people get sick, they have to pay out of their own pockets to get treatment, and the insurers are not doing that.

If people do not get care, they end up in emergency rooms, which can be dangerous, expensive, and can lead to death.

The idea that Optim would be a good option is certainly appealing to some.

But a study by Kaiser Family found that Optimum’s plan was more expensive than other plans, and it is likely that Optimo’s plan would have to be cheaper than other policies for Optimal to be a competitive option.

Optimo’s plans would be the first of its kind in the U.S., and they might be the cheapest.

But that doesn’t mean people should have to fork over their hard-earned money to have a plan that’s affordable for everyone.

Optima, the health insurance company that has come to dominate the health care market, is the poster child for what…

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