New rules could make it harder to prosecute people who use the Internet

NEW YORK (AP) — New York lawmakers are trying to toughen penalties for anyone who illegally downloads copyrighted movies and TV shows from streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon.

The legislation also would make it easier for courts to order ISPs to block access to sites that are believed to be used for illegal streaming.

The legislation, which would go into effect after being signed into law by Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, would make New York the only state in the country to outlaw downloading a movie or TV show.

It would also require ISPs to take down infringing sites and provide users with notice of their ability to remove content.

The proposed legislation would apply to internet-based streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube.

The bill would also create a program to review copyright enforcement actions that fail to comply with state and federal law.

The state’s top court last year upheld a federal appeals court ruling that struck down a law that prohibited New York from enforcing federal laws against copyright infringement.

It was a major victory for internet users who sued the city and other cities, including Philadelphia and New York City, over alleged copyright violations.

Cuomo said in a statement that the bill is needed to protect the public from copyright theft.

The New York bill comes after federal lawmakers approved a bill in April that sought to make it more difficult for ISPs to remove infringing content from their networks.

The federal Copyright Alert Program allows state and local law enforcement to send notices to ISPs to stop illegal streaming of copyrighted content.

It has been used in dozens of states.

Cuomo’s legislation would extend that program to include streaming services.

It would also give state and county police the power to seize copyrighted content from streaming services that are in violation of state law.

The law would also extend the power of the state’s attorney general to prosecute such acts.

The attorney general would be allowed to use the power against streaming service operators who fail to take appropriate steps to stop access to illegal content.

Copyright law does not prohibit the illegal downloading of copyrighted works, but a provision in federal law prohibits a service provider from taking any action to prevent the unauthorized access to copyrighted material.

Cuomo says his bill would address that issue.

Copyright experts say New York’s bill is likely to face a difficult legal challenge from Netflix, which has argued that the new law would violate its agreements with copyright holders.

Copyright holders say the new legislation would allow police to obtain search warrants for ISPs and allow them to shut down websites deemed to be “hostile” to copyright holders or to the movie industry.

NEW YORK (AP) — New York lawmakers are trying to toughen penalties for anyone who illegally downloads copyrighted movies and…

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