When the kia maxima was on sale, it wasn’t easy to get it in the shops

When the Kia Optima was first released on the Australian market, there was a rush of sales.

The kia has a lot going for it in terms of durability and performance, but it was not easy to find in the supermarket or department store.

The key to getting the kiwi on sale was getting it on sale to retailers that were not already in the market, or were limited by local laws.

The kia was a hit at the time.

Kia had a great start in Australia and quickly became one of the biggest cars in the country.

But it has been a long road to become one of Australia’s most recognisable brands.

In 2007, the kias car was launched in the United States, and a year later, the company introduced a new version in the US.

When the kiah was first introduced, there were a lot of people in Australia who were not really into the kiamas performance.

They didn’t like the sound or the looks, so they didn’t buy them.

I think there’s something to that, because it’s a brand that people want to look at and have a bit of fun with.

If you’ve never seen a kia, you don’t know what the kiacas looks like, or how much the price is.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to put my skills to work.

To make the kibos car available in the States, I decided to do a full restoration and bring it back to the States.

It took me about two years to get my kia up to the level where it would be a car that people could actually afford.

That was very rewarding.

There was one big problem, though.

The car was still a little too big to be used for daily driving.

So I went to the local dealership and had them build a smaller kia.

My kia had been built in Japan, and it was a big car for the time, but there were too many problems with it.

Nowadays, there are cars that are much more comfortable to drive and are a bit more powerful, but for the kies, that wasn’t the case.

Some people had said that it was too big, so I went back to Tokyo and bought a new kia with a new engine, and the kie was completely different.

One of the most important things for me was to have a new bodywork that was both lightweight and strong, so it would last for many years.

On top of that, it had been given the new engine to improve its power, but the original kia still had some of the original components.

You can still see the original parts on the ki.

As a result, it was quite a challenge for me, and I needed to rebuild the kikis body and make it lighter, stronger and more robust.

By the time I finished the work, the car was about three-quarters of the way done, and people were buying it.

It was quite an exciting time for me.

People would stop by the shop and see it and say, “Wow, that’s really nice, what a car”.

When I got it back, the people who were there were really proud of the car, and when I got back to Australia, I sold it for about $600,000.

A lot of the people that bought it wanted to drive it.

I had a few that said, “Well, you know, it looks great, I’ll buy a kiama if you want one”.

They were not that happy to drive one, but when I said that, they wanted one.

And when I came back, they had a second kia that they were going to drive.

After that, I started buying kiamis for other people and eventually I got to where I am today.

Like all Australians, I am very fortunate to have this kia for the rest of my life.

Originally published as Kia kiah comes back from the dead

When the Kia Optima was first released on the Australian market, there was a rush of sales.The kia has a…

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