When tax relief and the NFL playoffs are on the same page, it’s time to stop being the tax dodgers

By Tom BowersNBA playoff odds are always up in the air.

There is a fair chance that we will be talking about it at least twice during the next month.

However, as the NFL prepares to kick off its postseason with a clash with the Carolina Panthers, it is worth looking beyond the numbers and thinking about the ramifications of what might be the most significant decision the league will have to make all year.

The two most obvious implications of this will be the expansion of the playoff format and the new tax relief for owners.

If the playoffs are reduced to six teams and the owners of those teams do not have a combined $1.6 billion in taxable income, then the tax rate on that $1 billion will be reduced from the current 39.6 percent to 28.6.

That would mean that the owners would pay $5.5 billion less in taxes and $1,400 in tax-free income over the course of the year.

There are many factors that could make that $5 billion figure seem smaller than it really is.

For one, the owners will be eligible for the $1-billion tax break if they hold their team for less than five years and they also qualify for the two-year extension the NFL is offering to owners after the first two years of the deal.

But there is another factor, too.

The NFL is going to be running a series of games that could be considered an exhibition game in the regular season.

This will be a huge boon for teams that want to try to make it to the playoffs but need a boost in their postseason push.

And if the playoffs go down to four teams, then those teams would have a chance to show that they can make the playoffs.

All of these things mean that there is a huge opportunity for owners to use the extra money they get in tax cuts and the tax relief they receive as a way to make more money in the short term.

And that could have major implications for the NFL’s playoff chances.

If the playoffs have six teams, the tax-avoidance advantage would be a boon for owners that are able to make a significant profit off the games.

Owners who don’t hold their franchise for more than five seasons are in a strong position to capitalize on the increased revenue and make some money from the games, regardless of whether the playoffs were reduced to eight teams or eight teams and six.

But owners who are able have a much stronger incentive to make the best use of the tax breaks available to them.

There is also the potential for an additional $200 million in tax revenue for owners if they do not hold their franchises for five years.

That could be enough to get some teams to stay in the playoffs for a year or two, but that could also help the league to get them out of a tough spot in the middle of the regular seasons.

It is important to note that this $200-million is the same amount that the NFL and the league’s owners will get from the NFLPA, which is a $1 million tax break per team for the first year of the agreement.

But this will go into effect after the Super Bowl, which means that the teams who are out of the playoffs will have a $3.5 million tax increase.

That is a substantial jump from the $250,000 that owners get per team that the league is providing through the tax code.

There will be some additional benefit to owners that want their franchises to be in the playoff mix for more years, too, because owners who sell their teams during the season will get a $500,000 tax break for the next five years after that.

That can be a significant boon for those teams, which will have the ability to build an extra $10 million in salary cap space over the next couple of years.

The same could be said of the NFL itself.

If owners who have their teams in the postseason do not sell during the regular or post-season, the teams in that situation will have less money available to make further moves.

The tax relief would be more important if the teams that are playing during the playoffs do not get to the postseason in a timely fashion.

If they do, then that money could be put to use for a variety of things, including paying for the salaries of players, making payroll for the players’ families and building new stadiums.

All of that could help owners make more than the $5-billion in tax savings that would be available if the playoff were reduced.

As the NFL tries to make its postseason run without the benefit of the new playoffs, it will also have to contend with the fallout from the NCAA’s controversial and politically-charged ruling.

The NCAA’s ruling, which was finalized last week, found that the NCAA violated antitrust law when it allowed the expansion and renovation of football stadiums in the Northeast and South, including the University of Louisville.

The ruling also called for the NCAA to pay a $15 million

By Tom BowersNBA playoff odds are always up in the air.There is a fair chance that we will be talking…

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