Month: July 2021

Hyundai’s Hyundai Genesis is getting a new ‘optimizer’ that lets it get the most out of its battery and optimizes its fuel efficiency

The Hyundai Genesis, the car that made Hyundai’s name with its high-octane fuel economy, has gotten a new fuel efficiency…

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When it comes to improving your health, the world is watching Kia’s models

Kia is working to make its cars more energy efficient, but not just in the traditional sense.The automaker’s models are…

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Which of these ‘Kia Optima’ cars are most fun to drive?

The most exciting cars to drive in 2018 are the Kia Optima, Kia Soul, Kias Turbo and the Hyundai Genesis.With…

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‘Totally crazy’: Trump is still angry over GOP’s decision to delay Kavanaugh vote

By Emily Yoffe-LopezThe president of the United States has publicly railed against the GOP’s move to delay his nomination of…

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How to optimize your site for Google’s algorithm

How to: Optimize your website for Google.This article assumes that you’re not currently using WordPress.If you’re still using WordPress, follow…

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How to Optimize Windows 10’s Codecs

Microsoft’s next-generation version of Windows 10 is expected to introduce some new features for the codenamed Optima signature that could…

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Optima Health’s Optima medicaid program offers $5,000 cash bonus, no annual limits

Health insurers have announced a $5.9 million cash bonus for Optima Health members, after the insurer’s health program was revamped…

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Kia optimas fe route optimization boyds

Google News Canada has posted the first ever photos of a Kia Optimas fe, a brand new hybrid version of…

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Which apps can you use to maximize your phone performance?

Posted September 14, 2018 12:38:28 I’m looking to optimize my phone’s performance and find out what apps can help.I’m always…

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