Why kia is planning to add Optima to its health insurance lineup

Kia is introducing Optima, a health insurance option that offers a premium plan for its new vehicles.

The premium plan, which will be available starting on Jan. 1, includes a $5,000 deductible, a $100 annual deductible, and a $50 co-pay for the first year.

The company says the plan will offer “premium health coverage with all of the benefits of a premium health insurance plan.”

Kia said Optima is “designed to be a cost-effective, reliable and efficient health insurance product that provides the best value for money.”

The Optima Health Insurance will be offered on Kia vehicles and on Kias in other states, including California.

Kia’s Health Insurance and Vehicle Solutions division announced the launch of the Optima Insurance on Thursday, the first time that Kia has released a health plan to its customers.

Optima will offer two levels of coverage: one for people who buy their vehicle through a Kia dealer and one for those who purchase their vehicles through a private insurer.

The Optimas Health Insurance plan will cover a maximum of $4,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

“The Optima health plan is designed to be affordable and reliable, offering the best in value for your vehicle,” Kia VP of global brand marketing Mark Siegel said in a statement.

“We look forward to delivering our Optima brand to customers across the country.”

Optima’s premium health coverage is a departure from Kias previous offerings, which typically offered a $3,000 out-year deductible and a co-payment of $250.

“Optimas insurance plan will be different than our existing health insurance plans that offer high deductibles and higher co-pays,” Siegel added.

“This premium health plan will provide coverage for a cost that is lower than that offered by our current health insurance.

Optimima will provide an opportunity to have the best out-patient care possible, while still meeting our company’s standard of care.”

Optiminas health plan, meanwhile, is priced at $3 a month, but the company said that the $5 deductible, $100 deductible, co-insurance, and $50 deductible will be waived for new customers.

“When we introduced our new Optima Premium health insurance to our existing customers in January 2017, we had the highest number of new customers in the U.S. at nearly 300,000,” Siggles said.

“With the launch this week, we have over 300,500 new customers.”

Optimum Health Insurance is available for all Kia models starting Jan. 2, but it will be the first premium plan that the automaker offers for its next-generation Kia Optima and Kia Soul.

Kias current health plan includes a deductible of $2,000 per person, but Optima includes a maximum deductible of more than $4.5 million.

Kia is introducing Optima, a health insurance option that offers a premium plan for its new vehicles.The premium plan, which…

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