How to get rid of the ‘fatal’ optimizer in Adobe Reader

How to remove the “fatal” optimizer from Adobe Reader, so you can focus on your book.

Originally posted at 3:01pm PDT on November 10, 2018By the time you read this article, you probably already have an optimizer installed on your system.

These optimizers can help you optimize your text, images, and videos for better reading.

Some optimizers are great for book recommendations, and others can be useful for a specific type of site or for making a copy.

Here are some common optimizers.

What is the “Fatal Optimizer”?

It’s an optimization that automatically takes out the most distracting parts of your PDF, for example, font sizes, images or the font and color palette.

In the case of this optimization, it’s known as a font size optimizer.

The “Faint Optimizer,” or “FAP,” is the most commonly used.

The FAP is designed to remove a lot of text that’s distracting and can be hard to read, such as captions or words with too much white space.

It doesn’t take into account the size of the font, color palette or the text itself.

It is sometimes referred to as a “fat optimizer.”

If the fonts are too small, the FAP will be unnecessary and will take away from the reader’s experience.

If the font is too large, the font size will make the page too big.

In this case, you may want to try a smaller font or a different font size.

The default font size for the Faint Optimizers is 600dpi, but there are fonts smaller than 600dps available for Free View in iTunes

How to remove the “fatal” optimizer from Adobe Reader, so you can focus on your book.Originally posted at 3:01pm PDT…

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