Ontario says the ‘optimal weight’ is ‘more appropriate’

A report by Ontario Health says it’s “more appropriate” to use an average weight of 50 kg for Ontario patients with a chronic disease like diabetes and obesity than to use a “optimal” weight of 100 kg.

The Ontario health department said the average weight for Ontario seniors with diabetes and high blood pressure is 80 kg, and for obese patients with heart disease and high cholesterol it’s 83 kg.

It said that’s the optimal weight for a person with diabetes who also has other health conditions like high blood sugar, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and a body mass index of over 30.

It said the recommended weight for people with high blood cholesterol is between 80 and 85 kg, for obese people it’s between 83 and 85.

Ontario Health says its recommendations are based on a review of scientific evidence.

It says Ontario Health Health has not received a response from the provincial government.

The Ontario Public Health Association said the provincial health department should look at the recommendations.

A spokesman for the Ontario Public Hospital Association said it supports the recommendations and is confident Ontario Health will deliver on its recommendations.

The province said the Ontario Health recommendations apply to all Ontario patients, including people with diabetes, and people who have heart disease, hypertension, obesity, stroke, high blood glucose or high cholesterol.

It says its health system uses a weight that is based on their body mass, not their height.

The province also said that, for people who are overweight, their weight should be at least 40 per cent below the average body mass.

The Ontario Public Hospitals Association said that means patients should aim for a weight of 20 to 30 per cent above the average.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins says the recommendations are an important step in improving Ontario’s health system.

He said Ontario Health has received numerous calls from people who would like to change their weight.

“The province is working with Ontarians across the province to ensure Ontarians are receiving the right care,” Hoskins said.

In the meantime, people with conditions like diabetes or heart disease can continue to get care at home.

The Ministry of Health said patients with chronic conditions like those listed in the recommendations can receive care at the same level of care as people with less severe conditions.

Ontario Public Hospice said its health staff will continue to work closely with Ontario Health, and will provide support for patients and families to ensure that they receive the best care possible.

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A report by Ontario Health says it’s “more appropriate” to use an average weight of 50 kg for Ontario patients…

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