Hyundai’s Hyundai Genesis is getting a new ‘optimizer’ that lets it get the most out of its battery and optimizes its fuel efficiency

The Hyundai Genesis, the car that made Hyundai’s name with its high-octane fuel economy, has gotten a new fuel efficiency optimizer.

In its place, Hyundai has introduced a “cva” optimization algorithm that lets the car get the best out of the battery and reduce the overall cost of its fuel consumption.

The automaker says that the Cva Optimizer has a total fuel savings of 30%.

That’s not the most efficient option out there, but the best of the best in the world is still better than the cheapest option out here.

The new Cva algorithm was first announced in February, and has been rolling out to all models of the Genesis.

So far, there’s a total of 17 different fuel-saving optimization algorithms for the Hyundai Genesis.

These include the Hyundai-specific CvaOptiCVA-BH and Hyundai-related CvaHVAS-B, which have been released as part of the automaker’s latest fuel efficiency software update, and CvaMVASB, the Hyundai and Hyundai Hybrid version of the CVA Optimizer, which is not yet available for consumers.

Hyundai says that all the Cvas, the newest in the Cova family, are optimized for “performance” (the new CvasBH has been designed specifically for driving in low-speed situations) and “reliability” (CvaHVMASB is optimized for highway driving).

It says that each algorithm has been optimized for a specific driving situation, with the goal of reducing overall fuel costs by up to 40%.

And the most popular Cva algorithms include the “Hyundai EcoBoost”, which is optimized to achieve fuel economy of 27 MPG, and the “Kia Optimator”, which, while it may not be the best option for driving on the highway, is probably one of the most energy efficient.

Hyundai is also introducing a new “hybrid” version of CvaBH (Hyundai Hybrid) optimized for hybrid vehicles, which are not available in the US.

But the best Cva optimization algorithms are already available for the other versions of the car, so it’s not like you can’t find a Hyundai version of it.

Hyundai will begin rolling out CvaCVA (Hybrid Efficiency) for the 2017 Genesis, which will add an “Optimizer” mode that will help optimize the car for the best possible fuel savings.

And the automaking also says that Cva HVAS (Hyde Hybrid) will be “fully optimized for all Hyundai models”.

So far the Cvas have been available on the 2017 Hyundai Genesis in Japan, Korea, China, and elsewhere.

You can find out more about the CVas at the Hyundai website.

The Hyundai Genesis, the car that made Hyundai’s name with its high-octane fuel economy, has gotten a new fuel efficiency…

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