Kia optimas fe route optimization boyds

Google News Canada has posted the first ever photos of a Kia Optimas fe, a brand new hybrid version of the Kia Optima sedan.

The car is expected to hit the road in late 2018, as Kia already confirmed that the next version of its Optima crossover will be a crossover, albeit a more luxurious one.

The first batch of the Optima Fe, which will be built around the Optimex platform, was spotted at the Detroit Auto Show, with a base price of $60,000.

The Kia logo is featured prominently in the body of the car, with the Optimes trademarked “Optimex” logo, with no word on when the car will be offered for sale.

Kia is also promising that the new car will have a base-price price of just $37,000, which is significantly lower than the Optimum sedan, which has a base pricing of $70,000 and a starting price of roughly $90,000 in North America.

 “The new Optima FE will be the most affordable vehicle in Kia’s lineup, offering all the features you love from the Optimi platform and all the benefits of a fully electrified Kia,” Kia president and CEO Andrew Dixson said in a statement.

“This new model is designed to deliver the ultimate in performance and safety for everyday driving and our customers, with new performance, safety and efficiency features to make every day easier.

The Optimexes FE is an exclusive, exclusive and exclusive model, and it will be available for the first time on the Kias 2018 model year.”

 The Optima F will be one of the first Kia cars to have the KIA Optimexe platform, a feature Kia says will allow for “world-class” vehicle control.

The new model has a 2.0-liter, 4.0L inline-four, an optional 5.0liter V6, and a new “Vocal Performance” technology that will let the car make sound when it senses motion, according to Kia.

While the new Optimee platform has not been officially announced, Kia confirmed that it will feature a “supercharged” engine and will be able to reach a top speed of 310 mph (465 km/h), with an EPA-estimated range of 150 miles.

The car will also come equipped with a 3.0 liter four-cylinder engine, which Kia claims will offer “50% more torque than the previous generation” and a maximum output of 756 hp.

Kia has yet to announce a specific release date for the new model, but we’ll keep you updated on the development process as it develops.


Google News Canada has posted the first ever photos of a Kia Optimas fe, a brand new hybrid version of…

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