Why you should use a plan with a viral meme

Optimism is not a word.

It’s a meme.

It is a meme, and we are talking about it here, so we’ll make it as simple as possible.

Optimism memes are, in essence, memes of sorts, but with a twist: They come with a certain amount of value.

They’re meant to be a little bit of fun.

They have a lot of potential, but they also come with certain risks.

What happens if you start a meme?

If it gets too popular, for instance, what if your employer gets wind of it?

And if you want to use one, you’re going to have to be careful.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re thinking about how to use a meme with a company.


Don’t confuse memes with viral video, which is what this post is about.

Viral videos have a different set of rules.

For instance, you can’t post memes about your favorite celebrities without actually doing so.

And if someone says you’re in the running for a job, you don’t have to use that as a meme because you’re not actually a candidate.

You can just use it as an expression of your enthusiasm to be hired.


There are two types of memes: the more common, the more valuable memes, and the less common, and more valuable, the less frequent memes.

These two types are generally used together, but in reality, they’re not that different.

For example, you could post a meme about your best friend, and she’d likely be the first person to respond with a meme of her own.

The more common memes are about people you know, like a good friend, a coworker, or a friend of a friend.

The less common memes (that you’d want to avoid) are about a specific group, like the people you’re working with.

A more common meme is more likely to be shared, and so it will be more likely that your friend or coworker will respond to it.

In the same way, a less common meme will also be more easily found, and your friends or coworkers will respond with memes about you.


You should never post memes for personal reasons.

This is a tricky one, because memes can sometimes be used for things that are not about you at all.

You could use them for a personal endorsement of something, or for bragging rights, or just to get your point across.

If you’re posting a meme for a business, then that business can potentially get your attention, and in turn, you’ll likely want to post more memes about them.

So keep this in mind, and remember that you don: a. have to choose the memes that you’re interested in.

If they’re memes that are specifically about you, it won’t be a good idea to post them.

And, b. don’t share them for personal gain.

If a meme has a specific purpose, like your company needs a viral video about its employees, it’s probably best to just not share it. 4.

You don’t want to create memes to promote your company or your company’s brand.

This one is actually pretty simple.

If the meme is about you or your business, don’t use it.

But if it’s about a company, then it’s a little harder to separate that meme from the actual product you’re promoting.

If your company has a logo, or even a logo that resembles your company, you may want to make that meme a little more personal.

If it’s the work of a freelancer, for example, then your employee could use it to get noticed.

But again, you have to make the choice to decide which memes are more important for your company.


Use the right words.

You’re not going to get a viral GIF, or an animated GIF, if you don, say, call someone a fat cunt.

You may have a meme that’s meant to promote a company’s product, but if your company doesn’t have a product, you might be better off going with a phrase like, “Hey, you’ve got a cute tattoo, but we don’t.”

This may sound simple, but it’s not.

You need to think carefully about what your memes are meant to say.

If someone who isn’t a product designer posts one of these memes, they may not have a marketing reason for doing so, but you do have a creative reason for using them.

The same goes for a company that has a brand, like when you use a company logo or a company slogan, they’ll likely see that meme as more valuable.

It’ll make their brand stand out.


The memes that your company uses will affect your brand and your business.

They will.

Your meme will be the thing people are talking to when they talk about you online, and it’s going to be more relevant to them than the ones that you use

Optimism is not a word.It’s a meme.It is a meme, and we are talking about it here, so we’ll make…

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