Why the NFL’s ‘Optimal Welding’ program is not perfect

In 2018, the NFL signed a new agreement with Kia Motors, a Japanese automaker that produces high-quality high-performance, long-lasting welds for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Kia also sells high-end welding equipment for cars and motorcycles, and it has developed a similar product to its Optimal Welded System, which has been sold to several teams and players.

This program is actually quite similar to the one that was signed with GM in 2017, and some experts have said it is an improvement on the old system.

The only difference is that now, the Kia Optimal welding system does not have to be adjusted to match the team’s welding method.

If you’re not familiar with Kias welding technology, it is similar to how a steel frame is welded.

When a vehicle’s steel frame has a hole drilled into it, the steel moves around to the other side of the hole.

That causes the steel to separate from the frame and the car’s suspension, which causes the car to roll off the road.

The welds are not permanent and do not affect the car.

This is because the steel can move as it moves around the hole, so the holes don’t affect the welding process.

But in the past, the metal used to weld the car was usually hard steel, and this made it difficult for the car maker to maintain a tight tolerances.

Now, by using Kia welding technology the car manufacturer can fix any holes that have been drilled.

That way, the carmaker can keep the welding system tight and keep the car safe.

The new Kia Welded Systems Welding System.

Kias Welding Technology is the company’s version of a “pump” weld, which is a piece of steel that is attached to a metal frame with a hole.

The metal frame is then pulled through the hole in the steel and is welds to the metal.

This creates a continuous line of welds, called a “bend” and a “taper.”

A Bend and Taper line.

This picture shows a car that has a bend weld.

The line of welding that passes through the car is called a Bend and a Taper, and the bend and the taper lines create the line of strength.

The Welding Process The Kia welds work by bending a piece a few inches above the ground and using the force of gravity to move the steel along the bend.

The steel is pulled along the Bend line, which moves the bend line up and down.

Then, the bend is pushed through the metal plate and the metal is pushed along the Taper Line.

These movements cause the metal to be welded into the car and to give the car its strength.

By using this process, the team can increase the car car’s ride and durability.

For example, if the car has a strong bend weld, the suspension is able to move up and to the side when the car rolls, and that will help prevent the car from rolling over.

And, the welds create a continuous “line of strength” that keeps the car stable when the team rolls the car over.

It’s worth noting that the Kias welds have no moving parts, and they can be used on all types of metal, including aluminum, titanium and steel.

The Benefits Kia has a great reputation for their welding technology.

They’ve been awarded the top honor in the World Steel Manufacturing Organization, and their Welding Systems Weld, which they also sell, is one of the most respected welding systems in the world.

This technology is easy to install and very affordable.

And the team has an extensive online support page to help with any questions you might have.

You can even make an appointment for an online welding course.

The downside to the Kiam welding technology is that there is no one-stop shop for this welding system.

Some of the best welding shops in the country are expensive and don’t even have the ability to weld your car.

That means you’ll need to go to another welding shop.

This can be frustrating, especially if you are not familiar to the welding processes.

And there are other drawbacks too.

You’ll need a special license, which can cost up to $3,000 for a year of training.

There is also no way to check the quality of your welds on the internet.

Kiam’s Welding Technologies Welding Solutions.

It is worth mentioning that if you’re going to get your car’s welds done, you will need to buy the parts for it.

This means you will have to buy some of the parts from another welding company or, if you already have a vehicle, from the Kiosks.

This could be a big expense, and not all parts are available.

If your car is still on the market and you need parts, you can go to a Kia dealership.

But if you need to have a

In 2018, the NFL signed a new agreement with Kia Motors, a Japanese automaker that produces high-quality high-performance, long-lasting welds…

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