How to make your own CalOpta calculator

Optima Cal is a free calculator which will help you to optimize your life.

It is available on iOS and Android and will help users calculate their income, assets, debt and more.

Here’s how you can get started.


Sign up for an account 2.

Enter your income (or assets) 3.

Enter the debt you are looking to avoid 4.

Enter an option to check if you are overburdened 5.

Select the amount of debt you want to calculate Your income: Enter the amount you need to be paying each month (in monthly instalments or as a lump sum) and the debt amount you want the calculator to calculate (for example, Rs. 1 lakh is the amount that you need the calculator calculate).

Asset: Enter any amount of money (such as a house, a vehicle or a credit card) that you own.

Debt: Enter an amount of unpaid debts (such, loans, bills) that need to repay.

Income: Enter your monthly salary.

Debt repayment: Enter whether you want your debts to be forgiven or forgiven or if you want a payment to be made to the debtors.

The debtors will receive a lump-sum payment from you (in cash or in the form of a payment plan).

The income-related amount is calculated using the following equation: where F is the annual income, G is the net income, and D is the debt-related sum.

In the example above, F is 10 lakh, G 100 lakh, and so on.

The default is 100.

You can change the default to whatever you want.

Your income-based debt repayment option will also be shown as ‘DNP’, which will default to ‘No Debt’.

You can adjust the default for each debt you have by entering a new value for F and G and then adding the debt amounts to determine the amount owed.

Assets: You can enter any amount that is not an asset (such a bank account, an apartment, an investment).

Debt: The amount of a debt (such an outstanding loan).

You can also add a debt to the default option.

Your asset-based repayment option is ‘LNP’.

The default for this option is 10%.

Interest rate: The interest rate at which the debt is payable.

Defaults to 1%.

The interest-rate default is 1%.

Repayment options: You may also set the amount to be repaid or the interest rate to be calculated.

For each debt, you can choose whether the debt will be forgiven (if the debt was paid in full) or whether it will be repaid in full.

The repayment option can be a lump or a payment.

For the debt repayment options, the default is 0%.

If the default value is set to a ‘No’, the default interest rate will be 1%.


Choose the option for debt forgiveness (if option is set) or the payment option for repayment (if default value set to ‘P’) 4.

Click ‘Next’ to continue.


You will be shown the calculator for each of the options you have chosen.

Click on ‘Save’ to save your work.

The calculator will then take you to the next step.

You’ll need to enter your monthly income to determine your asset- and debt-based payments.

In order to determine these, you’ll need your tax returns and any other information which can help you.

If you want more information on how to calculate your taxes, you may want to check out our guide on how income tax works in India.

The tool will then give you an estimate of the total amount you owe to the government.

You should then enter the total amounts you owe and the amount due on each payment.

Your total payment is calculated based on the total debt.

If this amount exceeds the amount owing, the payment will be reduced by 10% of the amount.

If it is below the amount, the amount is not reduced.

If there is any doubt as to whether the amount has been repaid, you should call the CalOpt, which is the Calpay number you use to pay your taxes.

The CalOpt will then provide a refund to you.

This will happen at a later date when the CalTax application is completed.


Calculate your monthly payment for your loan payment and debt repayment As you can see in the example below, your monthly payments will be the amount in the box below: Income: The income amount that will be calculated from your monthly tax returns.

Debt Amount: The total amount owed by you to pay taxes on. 6-7.

The calculation of your tax-based payment Once you have completed the payment and are ready to pay, click on the ‘Calpay’ button and the CalPay app will take care of the calculations.

You may have to confirm your payment before the app can complete the calculations and return you the results.

Once the calculation is completed, you will be given a refund.

If your income is above the amount being calculated, the calculator will calculate your refund and

Optima Cal is a free calculator which will help you to optimize your life.It is available on iOS and Android…

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