NFL optimizer: No reason to buy the 49ers | ESPN

The NFL optimizers out there are already giving a lot of advice to people who are looking for a way to improve their weight and health.

And the 49er team’s diet and training are the latest example of this.

As a general rule, weight loss isn’t just about losing weight.

It also has to do with keeping the weight off and on.

It’s about staying lean and active.

The 49ers are going to need to keep those goals in mind as they look to build on their impressive performance last year.

As I reported earlier this week, the 49th-ranked 49ers lost 10 games in the regular season and lost all seven games against division rivals.

In fact, the team went 11-3 in games played against teams with winning records, and only lost to the Seahawks and Cowboys.

The 49ers did a great job of managing their injuries, and that should be a big focus as they prepare for the NFL draft later this month.

But the team also has a few key players who are on their way to breaking out.

One of them is first-year head coach Jim Tomsula, who took over in October after the 49inget of quarterback Colin Kaepernick was cut in November.

The quarterback is back and doing what he’s been doing.

He was named the starter in the preseason and has been solid so far.

He threw for 4,917 yards and 13 touchdowns in a regular season that saw him throw for over 3,000 yards and 11 touchdowns.

The next big question for the 49s is whether the team can continue to run the ball, which is going to be a huge challenge this year.

The team ran for 2,066 yards and 28 touchdowns last season.

The league averaged just over 5,000 rushing yards last season, so the 49-run advantage is huge.

There is also some concern about the health of quarterback Quinton Patton.

Patton missed nearly three months with a hip injury and is recovering from offseason surgery on his right knee.

The 29-year-old has thrown for over 590 yards and 12 touchdowns in the last three games.

But it is hard to know if the quarterback is 100 percent healthy yet.

If he can’t get on the field for the first time in months, the quarterback position could be in for a rough start.

The team also needs to find a way for Colin Kaepernick to stay healthy.

In the last two seasons, Kaepernick missed eight games due to injury.

If the 49, which drafted Kaepernick in the third round in 2014, can’t find a solution for the quarterback, the future of the team may be in doubt.

The NFL optimizers out there are already giving a lot of advice to people who are looking for a way…

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