How to clean your kia Optima 34 (1) by Kia optimo,Optimal health system,Sonics’ Optima 35 78

Kia Optimas new ultra-clean diesel model comes with two air filters, three LED lights and a touch screen, and it’s equipped with a 100-watt electric motor.

The car is designed to be run on compressed air, which is the cleaner and fresher of the two options, while the electric motor can help it to get to 50 mph in about 10 seconds.

The car has been redesigned from the ground up and features the latest technologies and features like a hybrid electric drivetrain that can go from zero to 60 in just 4.5 seconds.

The Optima is also equipped with electric air filters that can be used to scrub out carbon monoxide and other pollutants from your air and then flush out the particulates from your vehicle.

The diesel is equipped with automatic emergency braking, and a three-way power-assisted steering system, which also helps it to drive in traffic and keep you from spinning out.

The new model comes in at Rs. 17,995 ($280) and the diesel at Rs 14,995.

The Sonics Optima also has a special air filter that helps keep air from getting into the engine, and you can also get it with a carbon monolithin coating that helps reduce the particles from the engine that can lead to premature engine failure.

The diesel model of the Optima comes with an air filter and two LED lights.

This photo shows a closeup of the front air filter.

This photo shows the rear air filter in use.

The new diesel model is available in the Indian market starting from March 23, and the regular diesel model will arrive on April 17.

Kia has said that it will start selling the diesel model in the US on March 31, while it will be available in India starting on April 2.

Kia Optimas new ultra-clean diesel model comes with two air filters, three LED lights and a touch screen, and it’s…

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